What is the Bridge and why is it necessary?

The Bridge DAO

Octus Bridge, as a platform, does not have a centralized mechanism for making decisions.
Instead, the Bridge has a DAO interface, which was created as a mechanism to facilitate the adoption of certain operational decisions agreed upon directly by users of the Bridge. Users are able to participate via BRIDGE, the platform’s native utility token.

The BRIDGE token

The main function of the BRIDGE token is the management of the Bridge DAO.

  1. The right to vote (and to manage pool liquidity)
  2. The right to receive dividends (proportional to the amount staked)
  3. The possibility to act as a relayer and generate additional income.

What are relayers?

A relayer is a Bridge validator. Essentially, relayers are stakeholders with additional responsibilities who, accordingly, receive additional rewards.
In order to become an Octus Bridge relayer you have to:

  1. Stake at least 100,000 BRIDGE tokens on Octus Bridge
  2. Deploy a set of smart contracts.
    This can be done in the Relayers section on the Bridge.


The yield generated by BRIDGE tokens is proportional to the amount locked into contracts.

How to move assets to Everscale via the Bridge

This process is described in detail here.

What is the Invisible Bridge and how does it operate?

The Invisible Bridge is a type of Bridge operation that involves two types of transactions:

Video Guides

  1. This is a walk through guide made by the Broxus team on the basics of using the Octus Bridge: https://youtu.be/x-7boWwipKA



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Octus Bridge


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